• MatchMaker LIVE! Event

    Monday, OCT 20th - Roll 'em before you own em at Storm / Rotogrip Matchmaker Live!

    To be victorious in battle, your weapon must be suited to your strengths. The Storm / Roto Grip MatchMaker program gives you the opportunity to test your artillery before you add it to your arsenal. With balls pre-drilled to specific spans, bowlers of all sizes and skill levels can experience for themselves which balls offer the feel, shape, and action through the pins that will put them in a position of domination.

    Special guests Liz Johnson and Stu Williams!
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  • Our Affordable Bowling Bundles

    Ready to bowl? - bundle NOW and SAVE!You can bundle your bowling gear and save on awesome packages that you can customize!

    You can choose your ball, your bowling shoes, and your bag all for one affordable price!

    You also get 10% off with the coupon code NQ4EWWZBNJ1M at checkout!
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  • Brunswick Mastermind

    It's time to let the ball do the thinking! The new Honor Roll Solid reactive coverstock is Brunswick's latest cutting edge development based off our performance enhancing additive chemistry technology.

    Honor Roll Solid coverstock offers the most aggressive coverstock to date for a Brunswick ball. This aggressive coverstock produces easy length through the heads with unsurpassed traction in the mid-lane and backend to achieve ultimate hook.
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  • DV8 Ruckus Feud

    Never has a DV8 caused such a disruption of the pin deck as you will see with the Ruckus Feud bowling ball!

    Featuring the new Class 12 Solid Reactive coverstock wrapped around the Ruckus core, the Ruckus Feud tractions in the oil and revs hard on the backend for the most total hook potential of any DV8 ever on heavy oil lane conditions.
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  • Hammer Amp Up

    Bring a new level of energy to the pins with the new Hammer Amp Up! Amp Up combines Hammer's high revving PowerShot core with a pearlized version of the Overdrive coverstock.

    With the original Amp, Hammer has a continuous hooking ball that was best in medium to heavy oil. Amp Up gives Hammer bowlers the sharpest backend move since the First Blood, and is best on medium to medium-dry lane conditions. Read More
  • Storm Optimus

    Storm OptimusThe Optimus features new technology with innovative core designs and powerful coverstock chemistry. It has yielded some of the most cherished bowling balls in our sport.

    With the Optimus you'll immediately notice the sharp, striking color combination of the pearlized R2X reactive shell. It's highly polished to glide through the beaten-down head area like no other, but the powerful backend traction is undeniably Storm.
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What's New at Advantage Bowling

Brand New From Track, In Stock and Now Shipping!!!

Select Your Rev Type Or Oil Pattern


Advantage Bowling has 2 Bowling Pro Shop locations to serve you in Gilbert & Glendale Arizona !



New Bowling Balls

  • Motiv Octane
  • Roto Grip Hypercell
  • Asylum
Motiv Octane - 149.95 -

The Octane features the proven Quadfire Core which provides length with ample track flare along with the new Agility SFX Hybrid coverstock finished to 5000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan/Polished).

Both of these combine to promote a strong skid/flip reaction on Medium Oil.

This ball will help you when you need to move inside and throw the ball out to the dry boards. Do that and watch the engine bring it sharply back to the pocket! Read More

One of the greatest cores of all-time is back and it's covered with a modern coverstock for the most intense ball reaction ever created.

My Nucleus Core, a gift from the Cell, gives me strength and the ability to dominate the lanes through continuous motion and unstoppable power. 


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Roto Grip Asylum

This entry into the HP3 line features the 63MH Hybrid Reactive coverstock paired with the Middle Roll 70 core. This will provide bowlers with a midlane reaction and continuation that is unmatched in an upper-mid level bowling ball. The Asylum will give bowlers the perfect benchmark reaction for tough lane conditions. 

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 All of the merchandise on our website includes (either) FREE Shipping or FREE Drilling at either of our two valley locations.

No other retailer, or website offering bowling equipment on the internet offers you free drilling (or shipping!) with your order. 

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